Two engineers; one Bahar Cabas, and the other Bayram Genc came together to establish Scott Elevator Corporation in 2017. This young company has many years of experience on the field because of its founders.
 Bahar Cabas, 20 years of electrical and electronics engineer has green elevator certicification from Turkish Goverment.   Bayram Genc who is a 22 years of Mechanical Engineer also has green elevator certification. Bayram Genc is known for his elevator and mechanical designs for special projects in Turkey and in some African Countries.

Scott Elevator Corporation has all the necessary certifications proofing that it has the capability to serve in and out of Turkey. Thus Scott Elevator Corporation focuses on Middle Eastern and African Countries. 
Here in Scott Elevator Corporation we are ready to serve you with our haute couture solutions to every scale of projects. From hospitals to villas, from passenger elevators to wheelchair  (Handicapped) Lifts, in variety of fields with variety of elevator solutions, we are at your service.
Scott Elevators lifts you up where you belong!